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Full Reservation

The full reservation is a detailed reservation view where we can reserve multiple room types for a multiple time range.
Full reservation consists of Five Tabs which has shown below one by one

To complete a Full reservation, click on Reservation>> Full Reservation.

Stay Info Tab

      Stay info tab has to be filled with guest information, reservation dates, payment details, guest information and status of reservation.  

Note: Children Free Stay is mainly used to intimate housekeeping staffs to arrange things and free stay is applicable only for the children’s who is below the preassigned age( e.g.: below 4years).No of Guests is total of No of Adults and No of Children.

  • Payment Details
  1. In the payment type section, payments done in either Cash or Card can be recorded. Credit card type can be set under Setup>> Accounts>> Payments.

  1. If cash is set as payment type then credit card information is not necessary.
  2. View is used to see the information which has been given in the credit card field by entering credit card password.
  3. By clicking on the View button which is shown above “View Credit Card Number” will be popup which is shown below: –

  1. We can also verify the Credit Card details of the guest by making settings under Setup>>Advanced Easy Webrez>>Credit card.

  1. Credit Card Setup & Validations Screen will be displayed which is shown below: –

  1. If the card is assigned to “No validation” it will save the reservation but if the “validation” has been selected then it will verify the credit card details and shows error alert if the card does not meet the required correct details.

  • Guest Info

History Tab

History feature will show the entire action of the current reservation step by step. You can click on the Letter sent, E signature and Invoice printed to see the pages in detail.