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Recent changes

How to use the beta Version:

  Beta Login Link:

Property Short Name, User Name and Password are same as your normal login details used to login to your live system.

Note: This is a test site.  Minor updates will be done in the application by the technical team on regular intervals.  Also, you should not make any guest’s reservations in the beta server. The reservation will stay in the beta server and it will not be shown in the live server.  You can make test reservations.

What’s New in New UI:

In the top of the main screen on the old system, there are black menus.  These have been removed in the New UI.

Setup Screen:

The setup menus in the top menu bar will be moved to a separate setup screen, which can be accessed by clicking on the Setup button in the top right corner of the main screen.

The different modules’ setup can be done here. The modules include Front office, Web Booking, Point of Sale (POS), Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Online Travel Agency (OTA) and Add on Features.

Reservation Screen:

All the reservation screens can be accessed under the “Reservation” icon which is located at the top of the screen.  When clicking the Reservation icon, by default it will navigate to the “Find Reservation” screen.  Other Reservation screens can be accessed on the left hand side of the screen.

Calendar Screen:

            To access the calendar screen, click on the “Calendar” icon, located at the top of the screen.

  1. All views of the calendar, such as Daily, Weekly, Detailed Weekly and Monthly can be accessed in the same screen by clicking on the respective buttons which are located below the status icons.
  2. To change the view to Room Name or Room Type, click on the Room Name/ Room Type dropdown before the Monthly view button.
  3. The Default Calendar which is located at the top right corner will show the calendar view that is setup under the Setup >> Default Settings page >> Default Calendar View.


Group Booking Updates

Group Booking function has been updated with the following features:


Changing Group Billing into Individual Billing and Vice versa


  1. To change the Group Billing to Individual Billing, under the Group Booking Billing screen, click on the Individual Billing check box next to the respective reservation. Once it is checked, then all the room charges will be moved from Group Billing to Individual Billing.
  2. Once it is changed to Individual Billing, then the room charge and amount due will be shown in the right hand side of the billing button.
  3. If you want to change the Individual Billing to Group Billing again, then uncheck the Individual Billing check box.

Note:  When changing Individual Billing to Group Billing, only room charges and payments that are made in the Individual Billing will be moved to the Group Billing screen.

  1. In Group Billing, now the Blocked Rooms tab is now “Group Blocked Rooms” and the Reserved Rooms tab is now “Group Reserved Rooms
  2. In the Group Billing, Post-Tax Total is the sum of reserved rooms and also the blocked rooms

Searching a Group Name


  1. To retrieve the existing Group Name and its related contact person’s information, click on the search magnifier next to the Group Name field. It will list the existing Group Names.  Click on the Group Name and all data for that Group will be populated in the appropriate fields.

Note:  When making any modification to the Contact Person details, it will update all the related Group Bookings that were created with this contact person previously.  You can change the Group Name for the existing contact person, without affecting existing Groups.

 Accessing Group Billing Screen

Previously, only when all of the rooms from the Blocked Rooms tab are reserved will the Group Billing screen be accessible, but now you can get in to the Group Billing screen even when the Blocked Rooms are not reserved.  Also, in the Group Billing screen, there will be separate rows for the Blocked Rooms and Reserved Rooms.

Making Payment in Group Billing

When making a Group payment, the reservations belonging to the group will be updated only when the Group amount due reaches “zero”.  Once the Amount Due reaches “zero”, then all of the reservations belonging to the Group will have the payment row added with the proper amount in the proper reservations.

Note: Until the Group’s Amount Due reaches “zero”, the reservations belonging to the Group Billing will not show as paid, even though payment was made in Group Billing.  Also, when the Amount Due in the Group Billing is “zero”, but if it is not updated to the respective reservation then click on the “Refresh” button which is located at the bottom of the Group Billing screen.

Making Payment in Individual Billing

            When making payments in any Reserved Room Billing (without checking “Individual Billing”) or while making a reservation in Quick Reservation Screen, then it is automatically moved to “Individual Billing”.  If any additional charges are applied in the reservation’s Billing, then the individual payment can be applied for that charge, in that reservation, and the Room Charges will remain in Group Billing.

For Existing Group Booking:

In existing Groups, if any partial payment has been made previously, then when making the full payment in the Group Billing screen, the partially paid reservation will not update the remaining amount but in Group Billing, the amount will be calculated correctly.

Minimum Nights Requirements

Minimum night stay requirements will no longer be applied via Rate Setup (Regular Rates/ Seasonal Rates) in the new user interface.  As an optimization, minimum nights for Front Office, Online Booking and OTA will be managed via Reservation Rule screen under Setup.

  1. Choose the From and To
  2. Check the “Minimum Night Stay” checkbox and enter the minimum number of nights in the textbox.
  3. If any particular day(s) (e.g. Sat and Sun) need the minimum nights applied during given date range, then check those day(s) checkbox.
  4. If any particular Room Type need the minimum nights applied during given date range, then check the respective Room Type’s check box and save the rule.
  5. Front Office and Online Booking Engine will automatically be affected. For OTA’s, go to Setup >> GDS Settings and push the availability to the respective OTA’s.

    Note: Existing minimum nights in the Regular and Seasonal Rates will be created for you in a Reservation Rule with all the days checked.  This will be done automatically in the back end when this is moved live.