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In addition to the available reports, custom reports can also be build in Easy InnKeeping. To Access reports, Click on Reports on the Top Menu.
You can generate reports for the current day or select a range of days using the date picker button. The reports can displayed on screen or in the form of a spreadsheet which can be opened using applications like Microsoft Excel. The available reports include the following: Activity Log Activity By Date The log report for functions creation / deletion of rooms, editing rates etc can be separately created and exported.

Activity By Shift Activity by Employee

Expected Daily Income Future Reservations Reservation Activity Reservations Through OTA Reservations Through Referral Reservations Through Staff Reservations Through State StayOver

1.Close Out –Cash Out

2.Night Audit Occupancy

3. Night Audit Report

4. Night Audit History

5. Run Night Audit

Charges Inventory
1. Account Codes

2. Inventory Sold

3. Tax And Cleaning Fee

4. Inventory Stock

5. Inventory Tax

Direct Billing
1. Accounting Report

2. Amount Due

3. Deposit

4. Financial

5. Income

6. Summary

7. Payment Settlement

8. Payment Type

9. Shift

10. Tax Transaction

11. Transaction Group

1. Guest Address

2. Guest History

3. Guest Reservation

4. History Guest Profiles (Sales)

1. Amount Of Sales Customers

2. Deleted Leads

3. Leads

4. Lead Address

5. Lead Status

6. Mass Email

7. No.Of Downloads

8. Sales Email

9. Sales Personnel

10. Staff Activity

11. Marketing Statistics

12. Testimonials


  1. Daily Occupancy
  2. Daily Occupancy
  3. Summary Occupancy
  4. In-house Info
  5. Occupancy Forecast


  1. Daily Occupancy
  2. Daily Sales Item Wise
  3. KOT Table Wise


  1. Cancelled Reservations
  2. Checkin-CheckOut
  3. Check Out
  4. Front Office
  5. Group Booking
  6. Group Booking Summary
  7. OTA Log Report
  8. Package Booking
  9. Reservation Summary
  10. Room Type assignment

Travel Agent

1. Travel Agent Commission
2.Travel Agent List

Value of Service
1. Detailed-Value-of-Service
2. Value-of-Service
Laundry Management, Stock Management, Purchase Report, Stock Item Wise Report, Form IV Report, Cheque Management Swimming Pool, Custom Reports, Detailed Inhouse Info, Sales Tax Report, Tax Collect & Remittance