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EIK Release 11

New Feature 

Updated Functionality


Occupancy Forecast

Occupancy Forecast will show the result based on the consolidated dates. It will shows the results for the single day in the each row.
To access Go to Reports>>Occupancy>>Forecast from the main menu.

  •    Number of Rooms – Total number of rooms booked on that particular date.
  •    Percent Occupancy – It will calculate based on the percentage of rooms occupied.
  •    Income – Total income for that particular day.
  •    AveragGo to calendar screen, right click on the cell click on block room. e Daily Rate – Average daily income for that particular day.
  •    Tot Rev Par – This will calculates based on Percent Occupancy X Average Daily Rate



1.    Go to Setup >> Basic Easy InnKeeping >> Taxes in the main menu.
2.    Add a tax with the tax type as “Percentage” and check the “India GST”. Based on the tax slab, the tax will be calculated automatically in the billing screen.
Note: You cannot select different tax types when Indian Tax is enable.
3.    Click on Save.


Note : By default the option under Features >> Default Settings >> Show Daily Rates on Bill will be set to “Yes” and Edit individual Room Charges on Billing Screen will be set to “No. This cannot be changed.

In the billing screen, you can edit the rooms based on nightly basis. For each day the respective tax slab will be calculated.

While taking the invoice print, the tax amount will be shown separately as CGST and SGST which is shown below:


Nightly Rate Edit

In the billing screen, rooms with multiple days can be edited on nightly basis. To do that follow the below steps.

  1. To enable this feature, need to contact support team. So it will be enabled from the admin.
  2. After enabling the Nightly Rate Edit option, by default the option under Features >> Default Settings >> Show Daily Rates on Bill will be set to “Yes” and Edit individual Room Charges on Billing Screen will be set to “No” by default. This cannot be changed.
  3. To edit individual nightly rate, click on the plus button near to the Room Charge in the billing screen. It will display the rates for individual nights.
  4. Click on the Edit icon (Pencil Icon) and change the rate as needed. The running total will adds the room rates for each day with the previous day amount.

Transaction ID in Payment Type Report


For generating a report based on the live payment transaction, the Payment Type report has been updated with a new column for transaction id and also a separate filtering option for live payments.

  1. Go to Report >> Financial >> Payment Type.
  2. Choose “Live Payment” from the payment dropdown.
  3. The payments which are done with live payments (with Transaction ID) will be displayed.

CVV code for Booking.Com

Reservation from Booking.Com with CVV code will not be retrieved/stored in Gracesoft.  Now you can directly get the CVV code from Booking.Com directly.

Bug Fixes


Flat Amount Per Night Tax

When increasing the number of rooms flat amount per night tax gets calculated in the reservation screen. This bug has been fixed.

Online Booking Engine Error

When processing a live payment in online booking engine, produces an error which causes double payment. This bug has been fixed.

Room Type Calendar Error

When changing the room charge for Booking.Com reservation to zero, it produces error in the Monthly Room Type calendar. This bug has been fixed.

Auto Email Error

When making a reservation in online booking engine with auto email condition for Birth Date error has been occurred. This bug has been fixed.

Cancelled Reservation in Custom Report

The cancelled reservations are shown in the custom report. This has been restricted not to show.