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Mass Email

Mass Email

  1. Email tracking is a technique of monitoring email delivery to your guests. This method is widely used in email marketing to view the date your message was sent, how many emails were opened and to verify valid email addresses.
  2. You can strategically review all the email marketing campaigns with the help of Email Reports. The Report gives both summary and detail views of guests who have opened, read, unsubscribed on the email campaigns.
  3. All Reservation letters sent using the Mail Merge option in CRM (Customer Relationship Management) can be viewed in Email Reports.
  1. To View,  go to Reports >> Marketing>> Mass Email in Black menu.



  1. Lists of emails with email name, status and sent date are displayed.
  2. Click on Mail Name.
  3. Click on the count of any column you want to check.

The number of the emails that are sent, bounced, opened, unsubscribed will be displayed.