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Monthly Reservation

Monthly Reservation


Monthly Booking will allow you to make reservations for a month.


  1. Monthly Rate can be fixed under Setup>> Basic Easy InnKeeping >> Regular Rate Setup.


  1. Click on Add Regular Rate which is shown above. The Rates which are assigned as Monthly in the Rate Type in the Regular Rate (which is shown below), those particular rates only will be displayed in the rooms rate dropdown in Monthly Reservation Screen.




To make Monthly Booking click on Reservation>> Monthly Reservation from the Black Menu which is shown below:


  1. Monthly Reservation Screen will be displayed which is shown below:
  2. Let us discuss each blocks which are present in the Monthly Reservation.

Reservation block


  1. Arrival & departure date will fix the range of days were the customer going to stay.
  2. #Months will tell about the duration (months) of stay in the property by the Guest.
  3. No. of Guests will conform how many adults are going to stay


Enter the Guest basic details such as First name, Last name, Address and Email ID in this block. If the guest is already in the guest list then enter the first and last name and click on TAB. The details of the guest will be popup and click on that guest name.


Status & Auto Email

  1. Status gives the details about what will be the current status of the booking which going to be.


  1. Checkbox the “Auto Email” feature if you needs to send the auto email automatically according to the setup which has been created under Setup>> Advanced Easy InnKeeping>> letters>> Reservation letters>> Auto Email



  1. Status can be viewed in Charts>> Monthly Calendar. The Reservation status bar shows the “Reservation status” and in the chart the color of the status will be displayed.


  1. Auto Email can be viewed whether it has been sent and opened under Quick Reservation>>History tab.


  1. This feature will assign rooms to the reservation.
  2. We can add multi rooms (ctrl +click on the particular rooms).
  3. Select the rate from the dropdown.


Referrals Block

The Referral block is shown below:


Group code

  1. Group code feature is used to book multiple rooms for a range of dates and make a single person to pay all the billings or we can make the individual room to be paid. It can be setup in Reservation>>Group Booking in the Black Menu and then click on Add button in the Group Booking screen.


  1. Group Booking Screen will be displayed which is shown below:



Note: The complete process of Group Booking will be explained in Group Booking topic.

Direct Billing

  1. Direct Billing feature will add all the room charges to the company bill (for the person who is working in that company) and the company will be paying the bills for him.
  2. It can be accessed under Features>>Company ledger.



  1. Company List (Direct Billing) Screen will be displayed which is shown below:


  1. Click on the Add button which is shown above. Direct Billing Company screen will be shown below :


  1. Enter the Company Name, Address and Contact information.
  2. Enter the Credit Limit. Each time a reservation is direct billed to the company, it gets deducted from the Credit Limit.
  3. Click on the Direct Billing check box. Only by clicking on Direct Billing it will be displayed in reservation screen.
  4. Then click on the Save button.

Agent code

  1. Reservations that are referred by travel agents can be tracked using this feature. Their commission can be defined and combined into the reservation rates.
  2. To create Travel Agents click on Features >> Travel Agent list in Black menu.


  1. Travel Agents List Screen will be displayed which is shown below:



  1. Click on the Add button which is shown above. Travel Agent screen will be shown below :


  1. Enter the Agent Name, Address and Contact information.
  2. Select the Commission Type from the dropdown. It can be :
  • % on Total Bill
  • % on total Nights
  • Flat Amount per Stay
  • Flat Amount per Night.
  1. Enter the Fee Amount. For example, if it is 10% of the total bill, select ‘% on Total Bill in the Commission Type and enter 10 as the Fee Amount.
  2. If you need any Custom Fields, enter in the custom fields.
  3. Then click on the Save button.

Referral Types

  1. Referral type is the information about the hotel from any secondary sources like friends, newspapers, magazine…etc.
  2. For Referrals, commissions are not applicable to any secondary sources.
  3. It can be setup under Setup>> Advanced Easy InnKeeping>>Referral Types


  1. Referral List Screen will be displayed which is shown below:
  2. Enter New Referral name.


  1. Click on Save button.


Payment Entry

payment-details-full monthly-payment-entry

  1. In payment Entry, payments can be done in either cash or card. Credit card type can be set under Setup>>Accounts>>Payments.


  1. If cash is set as payment type then credit card information is not necessary.
  2. View (which is shown above in payment entry) is used to see the Credit Card information of the guest. It can be viewed by entering User Name and Password which is shown below.


  1. We can also verify the Credit Card details of the guest by making settings under Setup >> Accounts >> Credit card.


  1. Credit Card Setup & Validations Screen will be displayed which is shown below:
  2. If the card is assigned to “No validation” it will save the reservation but if the “validation” has been selected then it will verify the credit card details and shows error alert if the card does not meet the required correct details.


Rates Sub-Block

  • The Rate Sub-block which is shown below:


  1. Room Total” is the total of all the rooms which has been reserved instead of showing only one room rate.
  2. Extra Person Charges” will be added when the “No of guest” exceeds the fixed No. of Guest which is assigned under Setup>>Basic Easy InnKeeping>>Regular and Seasonal Rate Setup. It will also affect the TAX calculation.
  3. Discount” option is used to make discounts for the customer. It can be setup in Setup>> Accounts>> Discounts.



  • Miscellaneous is the extra charges which applies to the guest during occupation in the property.


  • Once the Tax is assigned to the Unit we cannot add or modify the Tax in the reservation Screen or in the Billing screen. To make a new Tax go to Setup>>Basic Easy InnKeeping>>Taxes.


  1. Click on Add button which is shown above


  1. Enter the Tax Name.


  1. Select the Tax Type from the dropdown. It consists of
  • Percentage Of Amount: Percentage amount of the room total.
  • Flat amount: A flat amount is charged regardless of the room total.
  • Inclusive GST: GST amount is 9.09% of the room total.
  1. Enter the tax rate in the Amount box.
  2. If the tax applies to lodging, select Applied To Lodging check box. Taxes will be applicable to units only if this check box is selected.
  3. Click on the Save button.

Payment Display

  1. Post Tax total” is the total after addition of taxes with room and miscellaneous rates.
  2. Total paid” field will display the amount which are paid by the customer.


  • Amount due” field will notify the remaining amount that the customer needs to be paid.


Any needs and request from the customer side, it will be noted down at notes field.


Bottom Features

  1. ADD feature will add a new Quick Reservation.
  2. SAVE button will save the reservation and remains on the same page but SAVE&CLOSE will save and close the reservation.



  1. Billing button enabled only when the reservation has been made. In billing screen the current reservation’s entire Guest, Room Information, Payment and Charges details will be displayed.
  2. Payment and other charges can also be done in billing screen.
  3. Only room rate can be change but we cannot edit taxes.
  4. Print feature is used to take printout of the billing screen.
  5. Send Email feature will send the billing details to that particular customer through Email. The Email which has been given in the guest details during reservation to that mail only it will be sent.

Guest, Guest image, Guest doc

  1. Guest button will show the guest information and any changes can also be done.
  2. Guest image will takes the image of the customer through interface and any document of customer for security reason can be added through Guest Doc (Select Document popup) which is shown below.


  • Letter feature will send the letters like conformation, thank you…etc. in the form of Email and it can be setup under Setup>> Advanced Easy Inn Keeping>> Letters>> Reservation Letters.



  1. Delete button will delete the entire reservation.
  2. Deleted reservation cannot be found in find reservation also.

History Tab

History feature will show the entire action of the current reservation step by step. You can click on the Letter sent, E signature and Invoice printed to see the pages in detail.