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Reservation Rules

Reservation Rules

1. This screen lets you specify minimum length of stay and other restrictions for reservations. A warning will be displayed if you try to make reservations less than the days specified for busy times of the year.

2. It can be setup in Setup>> Advanced Easy InnKeeping>> Reservation Rules.



1. Click on the Add button. The Reservation Rules screen will appears.


2. Enter from date that you want the restriction to take effect.


3. Enter to date that you want to end the restriction.

4. Make the necessary rules in the Default Rules which is highlighted in red box which is shown above.

5. Enter the message that you want to display when the requirements are met in the rule message text box.

6. To be able to override this rule, click on the Override Rule Password check box and enter the password that will be required.

7. Click on the Save button.