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Leads list

Leads list

  1. Properties can use the Leads List to maintain a list of inquiries, and manage sales communication with approaching clients.
  2. A sales department or personnel that manage corporate, wedding or event accounts can use this database to schedule appointments, calls and send email communications.
  3. The Lead List stores detailed contact information, call logs, and email messages sent to each lead. This is a great tool to help build revenue and add new accounts.
  4. To access the Lead List go to Setup>> E-Connect>> Lead List in main menu.


Adding and Deleting Leads:


  1. To add a lead, click on the Add Lead button at the bottom.
  2. It redirects to a page containing the Add Lead form.
  3. Fill all the required fields (marked with an asterisk) and fill in the Lead status also for that respective lead.
  4. Click on the Save Changes button once you are done.
  5. To delete a lead, click on the specific lead (by clicking on the radio button) and press the Delete Lead button.


Modifying Leads:

  1. Leads are displayed according to the name of the business, organization or contact name.
  2. To modify a lead, click on the property name of the lead displayed as a link.
  3. The modify Lead form is displayed. Make required changes.

Lead Status


  1. For every Lead it is of greatest importance to maintain a lead status, to help sort and filter the Leads List. A lead status indicates the progression of the lead in the sales cycle.
  • When the lead is first added, it appears as “Active Lead”.
  • If the sales associate is still attempting to confirm interest, select “Waiting for Response
  • If the lead is validated as a potential sale, select “Hot”.
  • If the lead has no value, select “Dead”.
  1. By updating the Lead Status, sales associates can focus on nurturing potential leads to become new customers.
  • To update the Lead Status, select the record from the Leads List.
  • Change the status by clicking on the button, and Save Changes.

Moving Leads to Customers List

Once the lead has made a purchase or signed a contract, the lead can be transferred to the customer list

  • Select leads to be moved (by clicking on the check box).
  • Click on Move to Customer at the bottom of the Leads List page.

To Search and Sort the Leads List

The Sales & Marketing module provides several options for filtering and sorting the Leads List.

To Filter Leads List display:

Go to the Leads List and click to select any of the following options in Show All

  1. Select All Leads to display all contacts in the Leads database
  2. Select My Leads to display all leads assigned to my staff login
  3. Select Other Leads to display all leads assigned to other staff
  4. Select Not Assigned to display new leads in the database, that are not yet assigned to any sales staff
  5. Select Leads in Mailing List to display all leads who have given permission to receive email communications
  6. Select Leads not in Mailing List to display all leads who have opted out of email communications
  • To Search for Leads
  1. Go to the Leads List and select any of the following search criteria in Search By drop down list.
  • Company Name
  • Contact Name
  • Date
  • City
  • State
  • Property or Organization Type
  • Email
  • Sales Staff
  • Lead ID
  1. Type in the search criteria and click the Search box to display results.
  2. Click on the Property or Organization name to view Lead details.
  3. To define a new search, click the Clear button.

Assigning Leads to Sales Associates

For businesses with multiple sales associates, leads can be assigned by a supervisor to particular sales staff.

Notes: Please note that the sales staff will be selected from the list created in Setup > Staff.

  • To Assign a Lead


  1. Go to the Leads List and Search by any criteria.
  2. Select the checkbox next to each Lead you want to assign.

Click on Assign Leads button. The Assign Leads screen will open up, where you can select the Staff name from the list, add comments, save and your staff will receive an email notification of the new lead assigned.