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Staff Response List

Staff Response List

  • The staff response list is used to view, add and schedule communications to either Leads or Customers.
  • The following options in the Leads List and Customer List are all available in the Staff Response List.
  • Show All (Sort) and Search By
  • Assign Leads
  • Add Lead and Add Customer
  • Modify Lead and Modify Customer
  • To access this screen go to CRM icon or Setup>> E-Connect>> Staff Response List in the Main Menu Bar. Click on the Staff Response List under the heading Lists in the left panel and the following page is displayed.


  • In the Show All field, select one from the drop down list that indicates what you want to display.
  • In the Search By field, select the search criteria and type in details to narrow the search.
  • The Lead Added Date search option allows you to type a particular date in mm/dd/yyyy format and locate all new leads added on that day.
  • Once done click on the Search button.
  • The results are displayed accordingly.


Record Email, Phone or Fax Response


Response to the Customer can be done through various modes like phone, fax or by Email. Appointments or phone calls can also be scheduled from here.

To Add Response

  • Select the checkbox next to a Customer or Lead in the list, and click on Response button.

    1. If the Response type selected is Email, it will open up the Select Letter box. Select a Letter from the list, and click Send Email. After verifying the email address and content, click Send.
    2. If the Response type selected is Phone, the Phone/Fax response box will display. Enter Phone number contacted, type in Comments, and to schedule a future phone call or appointment, select date from Call Back date and Save.

To View or Modify Response

  1. After searching for the lead or customer record, click on “View Response” to display the log of responses. Email responses will be displayed in full, and notes for phone/fax responses will display.
  2. To modify a Phone or Fax response, click on Phone next to the call back date.
  3. Enter any updates to notes, call back date or comments and Save Changes.

Call Back Scheduling

  1. In addition to the many search and sort options already available in the leads and customer lists, the Staff Response List provides a scheduling feature for all contacts. After a ‘call back’ date is recorded, the sales associate can search all phone calls or appointments by date.
  2. To search for calls scheduled for today only, under Show All, select Call Back Today
  3. Click on Search and all records scheduled for today will display
  4. To view future or past appointments, under Search By select Call Back Date and type in the date in mm/dd/yyyy format.
  5. Click on Search and the scheduled calls will display

To Merge Records

  1. Sometimes, due to multiple contacts a Customer or Lead will be listed twice in the same database. The Merge Lead feature provides an option to retain all records of responses by merging them to one record, and allowing the user to delete the duplicate one.
  • To merge records, select the check boxes corresponding to the records you want to merge and click the Merge Lead button.
  • You will be prompted about moving all Responses to one of the records. Click OK and you will see all the responses merged to a single record.
  • Select the Checkbox next to the duplicate record with no responses, and “Delete Lead” to remove.
  1. Initially to merge letters, select the type of letter from the letter list that you want to merge with the customer or lead details by black marking the respective checkbox.
  2. Click on acheckbox and go to the Merge Letter button at the bottom.
  3. Once you click on it, the following dialog box appears.
  4. You can also select the list of guests to whom you want to send this letter based on certain filter criteria and sorting order
  5. Then, click on the Merge & Preview button to view the merged letters. All guests will be merged and displayed based on the criteria selected.
  6. Click on the Print button to print the letter.
  7. Click on the Close button to exit this screen

Note: Please be patient during this process as it may take time, based on the number of letters that has to be merged.