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Minimum Nights Settings

Minimum Night (MLOS, or Minimum Length of Stay) Settings are found in the Reservation Rules. They are based on Room Type, not the individual Units. Two conditions must be met before Minimum Night Settings will be effective.
1. All of the Units under any given Room Type must have same Rate Name assigned to them.
2. The Rate Name that is assigned to the Units in Unit Setup must also be assigned to that Room Type in Room Type Setup.

Minimum Nights for OTA’s (Expedia/
The Reservation Rules will communicate the Minimum Night requirements to the OTA’s if the OTA module is selected (see below). Once everything is set up correctly, Availability must be pushed in order for the Minimum Night requirements to communicate to the OTA’s. For more information on pushing Availability, click here.

Reservation Rules
To set up Reservation Rules go to Setup>>Advanced>>Reservation Rules

The Reservation Rules List page shows several key pieces of information:
1. The date the Rule was created
2. The date range that the Rule applies to
3. The Minimum Night setting itself
4. Which Room Types the Rule applies to


Adding/Editing Reservation Rules
To Edit an existing Reservation Rule, click on the Display Note text (see below), or to Add a new Reservation Rule click on Add

1. Select the Date Range that the Minimum Nights will apply to. NOTE: There can only be one Reservation Rule in effect for any given Date Range.
2. Select the Days of the Week that the Minimum Nights apply to, like Friday and Saturday for weekends only. Select “All Days” if the Minimum Night requirement is every day.
3. Select the Room Types that the Minimum Nights apply to. Select “All Room Types” if they apply to all rooms.
4. Select the Modules (Reservation sources) that the Minimum Nights will apply to. Front Office refers to reservations made manually via the Calendar; Booking Engine refers to reservations made via the Online Booking Engine; and Online Travel Agents refers to reservations from Expedia,, SiteMinder, etc.
5. Check the Minimum Night Stay box and enter the Minimum Number of Nights in the text box.

6. Enter a description of the purpose of the Rule. For example, “2 Night Minimum required on weekends” or “3 Night Minimum required on Holidays”. This text will also be displayed in the Reservation Rules List.
7. Enter an Override Rule Password (if desired)
8. To display a pop-up message with the text from the “Display this Message when making a reservation”, check the applicable box. To enable the Override Rule Password, check that box as well. NOTE: For the Override Rule Password to work, the “Display this Message when making a reservation” box must also be checked.
9. Click Save to create the Rule (or save changes).